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The School of Hard Blocks

G is for Genocidal Dictator

E is for Erectile Disfunction

I is for Incontinence

M is for Mansplaining

F is for Faulty Parachute

R is for Religious Cults

D is for Depression

A is for Anal Warts

School of Hard Blocks is set of 12 concrete alphabet blocks, and the only non-approved learning aid to educate your children about the abysmal dystopian future we’re all sliding towards.

Did we mention they are made out of concrete!?

From alcoholism to apocalypse, juice cleanses to genocidal dictators, overachieving coworkers to religious cults - the School of Hard Blocks tackles it all.

Life is hard. Here are some blocks.

To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.

Charlie Chaplin


Where can I get School of Hard Blocks?
You are on a website specifically designed to sell you School of Hard Blocks. Try the Order Now button, it’s a refreshing experience, like biting into a York Peppermint Patty.

Is School of Hard Blocks a game?
Um, they’re blocks. So kind of!? There are some gamey things you can do with them, those ideas are on the back of the packaging. They do work really great as conversation starters. But mostly they are a funny, unique, novelty decor item. (Hahaha! Yeah we feel stupid everytime we say “novelty decor item” as well.)

Is School of Hard Blocks a good gift idea?
Heck yeah it is. School of Hard Blocks makes an excellent, unique, and funny gift for Christmas, or pretty much any situation you're obligated to give someone something. We ship in under 24 hours with 2-day delivery all over the US. Order now!

Is there a warranty for School of Hard Blocks?
Our promise to you: These are concrete. Concrete chips, cracks, and breaks when it is smashed, dropped, or blown up. If you disregard this feel free to order another set! ;)

What if my order of School of Hard Blocks was broken on delivery?
Send us a pic. We’ll sort it out. No worries.

I saw a thing were you were offering a promotional block that was super funny, can I order one of those?
Nope. That’s what makes ’em special.

Is is safe to order off this site?
Of course! We don't save any of your credit card info and we'll never give your information to anyone else. We use Stripe for all of our transactions, they're the best.